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CD Cover- Nuclear Mutations by Dark-Puppy CD Cover- Nuclear Mutations :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 1 John 3:16 by Dark-Puppy John 3:16 :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 3 Lol kitteh. Noms by Dark-Puppy Lol kitteh. Noms :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 0 lol doggeh. ghosties. by Dark-Puppy lol doggeh. ghosties. :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 2 0 lol doggeh. by Dark-Puppy lol doggeh. :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 0 0 LOL again by Dark-Puppy LOL again :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 0 0 Lol Cats. ninja kitteh one by Dark-Puppy Lol Cats. ninja kitteh one :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 0 United At Last by Dark-Puppy United At Last :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 0 7 Bound Forever by Dark-Puppy
Mature content
Bound Forever :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 13 5
Waiting by Dark-Puppy
Mature content
Waiting :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 5 2
CD Cover Commish by Dark-Puppy CD Cover Commish :icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 0 0
                       Eyes change as life passes from birth to death.
                Look into a newborn baby eyes, and see only innocence.
        Their eyes shine like the waking sun, clear and beautiful as if you were looking at the sea.
:icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 2 4
The Preacher Ch. 3
Chapter 3
Gift from the dark
The darkness folded around Dart as he made his way deeper into the cave, his swords at the ready. He smelled the air, which was musky with a hint of rotting flesh; some animal had died her recently. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the cave. He heard water dripping from somewhere not too far ahead, although it could just be echoes, which would mean the water was deeper in the cave. He thanked the Father and the Mother for giving him a set of extra strong senses.
Years of living in the forest alone had honed his skills and senses to a level many could only dream of. While a young pup, he always had stronger and more sensitive senses then the others. One night, he woke up to get a drink of water. While making his way to the kitchen, he smelled smoke but didn’t know from where it was coming from. So he ran to his aunt, who was sleeping in the master bedroom, and woke her up, telling her what he smelt. She tried smelling it but couldn’
:icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 0
Twilight Hour
In the twilight hour, through the trees,
Voice as soft as winter’s breeze.
In the presence of star and sky
On the ground, we both shall lie.
Our hands entwined in a lover’s grasp,
As our hearts beat with a loving blast.
And in the darkest of nights,
We will fight our deepest frights.
And in the moonlight, we express our love.
Pure and simple, like the dove.
And as the dawn approaches, we will kiss.
And only you will I miss.
And in my bed, I will sleep.
Fighting all so I don’t weep.
One good thought will cross my mind
Something that is hard to find.
For in the night with the trees,
We will express our feelings with ease.
:icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 3 4
The Preacher Ch. 2
Chapter 2
Like Candles in the Wind
Miles away, in a little den set in a hill, four fox children were just waking up, their little ears twitching and their tails disheveled. The youngest one was clearing the sleep from her eyes when she noticed something wasn't right. She looked over at her big sister and said in a little squeak, "Where's Anay?"
The other sister didn't answer because she didn't know. Their older sister never came home the previous night. They stayed up as long as they could, but sleep took them over just after the first stars started to wink at them. Normally, Anay would be up at this time, cooking breakfast or waking the pups up so they could get their chores up. But this morning, something didn't seem right because Anay didn't do either.
The older sister looked around at her younger siblings and said, "Let's go find her. Maybe she needs help in the kitchen." She jumped down to floor and helped her brother down. Together, they got the other two down from the bed and he
:icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 0
The Preacher Ch.1
Chapter 1
Alone in the woods
             The owner of these bright green eyes was a young dog-boy named Dart, who had just woken up from a disturbing dream. It involved a fox, a tree, and shadows. Although, for the life of him, he didn't know what it all meant. Well, might as well start the day, he thought bitterly, getting up from his makeshift bed. He stretched his back and felt it crack in several places. The night devoted to hunting had taken more out of him then he thought. Although his capture had been successful, he made a mental note to get his bow fixed soon. Scratching his lower back, he looked over at the reflective mirror on the wall and studied himself.
               He was not like your average dog. Because of mixed parentage, he was reviled and was often not considered to be a true dog. Unlike most of the others, who were brown, white, black, or any other shades of these colors, he had short dark red fur that covered his entire body. Also, his tail was long and slender
:icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 1 0

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Greg (Puppy)
United States
Current Residence: Buried in my sorrow
Favourite genre of music: Rock
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Favourite cartoon character: sailor moon
Personal Quote: Remember Kids: Spooning Leads to Forking
I have been working for the last two months on several short stories to try and get a full book published. This book shall be a compilation of short stories and poems i have written. I shall also be going over several of my stories that i already have posted on here and selecting a few of them to be added to the list. so far, i need atleast 10 stories/poems to submit. I have 2 stories i have recently written with a third one in the making, and my poem entitled, "Random Poems" as a few to mention. however, since i have many up here, and some of them are liked by others, i wish to have outside opinions to tell me which ones i should have out there. The limit on how many you can choose is three. The list of the ones up here are:

Twilight Hour
The wedding
Conflicts with the Mind
Love, Not
The Garden.

If you wish to submit your opinion on which ones i should submit with the others, please go through these and let me know. Before submission, keep in mind i will be going over all the ones that i will choose to submit and do some minor editing, so what i finally submit might not be what's up here.

You have till the end of april, 2011 to post your opinions.



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